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7 Ways to Over Deliver Customer Service

Reverse Mortgage Customer Service Acquiring new reverse mortgage prospects is more difficult today than ever before therefore we should stop to evaluate our customer service. Stop for just a moment and consider how closing one more loan per month would change your business and income. Interested? If so here are a few ways you can wow your prospects with amazing customer service. #1: Take note. Actively listen and take extensive notes about your potential borrower. Is there a pending medical issue, family member visiting, a club or organization they belong to? Notate any personal details which you can use in future communications. #2: Schedule updates. Pick two days of the week in which you will religiously update anyone who…

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  1. Shannon as always Spot On! As our British friends say. Always great to hear my current head tune up coming thru your updates. Onward and Upward or would that be more like – Moving Forward in Reverse!

  2. Shannon, always good content. I do follow up in writing most often.” Send out Cards” is a great way to touch the client more than once. Hand written, as you mention is very much appreciated by everyone, not just seniors. I find reasons to send a message to folks on the fence; their birthday, a good article on Reverse or a good article addressing issues for seniors. I am happily surprised most will take a moment to respond and it keeps the communication open for a future loan or referral.

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