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Where Do We Go from Here?



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A Look at Diversification in a Challenging Marketplace

reverse mortgage newsAmerican author, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said “However mean your life is, meet it and live it.”. For many reverse mortgage professionals these may feel like mean times. Fewer qualified borrowers, reduced lending ratios, more regulations and the upcoming Financial Assessment. What I admire in Thoreau’s quote is the stubborn, rebellious refusal to give up and face adversity head on. That sounds great in theory but what practical steps can we take to weather the current winds of change in the HECM industry? First, a little perspective. While our industry as a whole is seeking to reshape its public image through new initiatives we cannot afford to stand by idly and wait. Each of us must look at how we can improve, prepare and adjust today. First is diversification…

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  2. For most of us, there is a need to shift emphasis. The changes we have experienced have greatly diminished the opportunities we experienced in the past.

    Shannon, hit it on the head by suggesting the two areas where he sees growth but do not assume the road will be easy. H4P originations have been and continue to be overrated. Few have experienced growth in that area.

    Despite our collective experiences, we need to continue our marketing patterns while finding new avenues of likely success based on what one industry marketing expert claims is “our true north.”

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