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Keys to Mastering Your Paperwork

reverse mortgage newsFuggetaboutit! It’s the quintessential New York phrase made famous in films like Donnie Brasco, Good Fellas and the Sopranos to name a few. While there are many definitions of the phrase the most common is to let go of an issue or problem not worth the additional mental or emotional energy. When it comes to managing our work day perhaps this is a phrase we can adopt. File it and fuggetaboutit! Most of us as reverse mortgage professionals manage vast amounts of information: Call backs, applications, conditions on a property, booking a speaking venue, ordering leads and more. Quite frankly we cannot manage these tasks efficiently without a system. One system I have grown to love over the years comes from productivity guru David Allen in his book “Getting Things Done”. Allen describes a system of 43 folders. One manila folder for each day of the month (31) and one for each month of the year. It works like this. You receive a form in the mail today March 28th that needs to be mailed back by next Friday. You simple put the paper in your folder marked the 31st or 1st. Fuggetaboutit! As each day of the month comes you pull the file out for that given day. Guess what?

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