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Behavior vs. Outcome


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Looking Beyond Achieving Our Goals

reverse mortgage newsFor the most part reverse mortgage professionals are business people. That is we form a strategic business or marketing plan to reach an expected outcome. But are we putting the cart before the horse? Let’s step back and take a look first at self efficacy. This is the extent of one’s belief in their own abilities to complete tasks and reach goals. In other words one’s beliefs shape their daily behaviors and actions both personally and professionally. Most of our internal beliefs are shaped by experience and observation. But is focusing on our internal beliefs enough tor really affect the outcomes we want in life? Perhaps not. One of the most common mistakes people make is to fixate on the goal or expected outcome while ignoring their underlying behaviors…in other words our habits.

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  1. In certain fields, time sheets are a necessity. In both law and accounting if one does not keep careful track of time with rather elaborate descriptions of the related activity, billing will not be adequate to support fees charged. During income tax season I could have time charges to as many as 100 different clients in a week so we tracked time by 6 minute intervals. We also tracked administrative time by function.

    When I left public accounting, I stopped doing time sheets so I have been too lax. While I doubt I will ever track my off work time, there is a huge need to track it during the workday.

    Great reminder.

  2. Please send details on your CRMP training program for my review. I think it is time to focus on this training as we aim at an uncertain RM industry. Your thoughts on this are solicited.

  3. Shannon,

    Warren brings up an interesting point. Does RF have a course specifically geared to passing the CRMP?

    • Cynic,

      Our course Reverse Basics is approved for 2 CRMP CE credits. Our course covers the HECM knowledge which is useful for preparing for a portion of the CRMP exam but does not serve as a preparatory course in itself.

  4. Shannon,

    Thank you.

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