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Keys to a Happier 2014


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Practical Ways to Increase Happiness in the New Year

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A happier 2014. Happiness. That is our wish for you in the coming year. While we cannot control every event that comes our way we can take some practical steps. As we wrap up 2013 here are a few things we can do to have a happier year.

1- Avoid retail therapy. Feeling resetless, unhappy? Shopping is not the answer. New bobbles and gadgets only briefly distract from what is bothering us. Instant gratification is only a temporary fix.

2- Work out more. The more we work out the more endorphins we generate which are natural chemicals leading to feelings of well being and enthusiasm for the rest of the day’s activities.

3- Spiritual foundation. If you have spiritual or religious beliefs don’t neglect them. Remind yourself of what is important. Your guiding principles, outlook and mission in life. Gathering with those who believe like you gives you a sense of belonging and encouragement knowing you are not alone in this life.

4- Volunteer. One wise man told me “want to foget your problems? Work on someone elses”. Getting our focus of ourselves allows us to assist those around us who often have it much worse than we do. A soup kitchen, community cleanup or mentoring children are all great ways to pay it forward and bring some perspective.

5- Embrace friendship. Make the time to spend with friends. Focus your time on laughter and shared interests avoiding negative talk and gossip. Let yourself be fully in the moment and snap a few pictures for keepsakes while you’re at it.

6-Eat better. The most powerful mood altering drug we put in our bodies is food. Be mindful of what types of food make you slump or power you up for the day. Lean proteins and veggies should be a part of each meal.

7- Turn off the television. Break out a book or play a game with your loved ones. If you fast from TV for a few days you may be surprised with the ample amount of time you have to enjoy what’s important, work on projects or reconnect with those who matter most.

8- Find the positive. Despite news or recent developments in our industry be cautious against over-reacting. Look for the silver lining in each situation while planning realistically. 2014 is just around the corner. How we approach it is in your hands. Have a great weekend and thank you from each of us here at Reverse Focus for your continued support. Happy New Year!

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  1. Thank You Shannon. I know, kind of, that this piece is from your heart. I can feel it. With that in mind, i want you to know that whether I’m on your payables or not, I consider you on my team of friends. I have often said I’d write a book someday if I had anything to say (or advertise). Your view of 2012 is a lot like mine — and a bunch of others, I think. Is there any life in this industry that hasn’t been killed already? If so, the gov’t is standing by to stomp it to death.

    Happy New Year Shannon. What happens to you is important to me.

    • Warren,

      Thank you very much my friend. We’ve been through so much in the last three years. Let’s prayer that optimism and effective strategy win the day.

  2. Warren and Shannon,

    Optimism is greatly overvalued but a positive, realistic view is not.

    Optimism says 2018 will have 300,000 endorsements while a positive realistic view is encouraged with a goal of 150,000. After all it took us three years to go from 114,785 endorsements to 54,842 endorsements. Last year we had a meager rise to 60,114 endorsements. Most everyone in the industry is predicting a decline this fiscal year to below 50,000 endorsements. So how is that we will gain 250,000 endorsements four fiscal years later?

    As to the HECM program, HUD has been very good to us in the last four fiscal years. It could have left us exposed to HECM program terminations attacks in Congress but instead it took $1.686 billion this year out of the US Treasury and put it all into the HECM portion of the MMI Fund. It did the same in taking $4.263 billion out of other MMI Fund programs and again putting into the HECM portion of the MMI Fund. During fiscal years 2010 and 2011 HUD also $2.283 billion out of other MMI Fund programs to bolster the HECM portion of that fund.

    Even though many still do not see the benefit, HUD has helped refocus the industry on the 98% of the senior home owning market which we have failed to penetrate by lowering PLFs and implementing a first year limitation on disbursements. By its actions, HUD has pulled the industry together in a new marketing and positive image campaign that is geared to give us a fresh start.

    Harping on the federal government will not produce a happier 2014. Certainly such oversimplification may be optimistic (LOL) but it certainly is neither positive nor realistic.

    So, yes, I am very negative when it comes to the continual attacks on HUD when HUD is trying to better manage the HECM program. One day, you, two, will have to explain your views on 2012 but that seems a far less profitable exercise than trying to learn our lessons from 2013.

    Have a great New Year’s Day and successful 2014.

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