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The Holiday Spirit: How to Show You Care


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According to the media, the holidays are a time to bustle with good cheer, shop till you drop, gather with friends and family, and reminisce about all the good times you’ve shared. That’s the commercial version, anyway.

Reverse Mortgage NewsBut to a senior whose life partner may have passed on, or to someone who is ill and alone, or too frail to travel, the holidays can be simply one more reminder of mortality — and an invitation to depression.

How can you extend your reverse mortgage mission of senior service to encompass the holidays? 

  • Volunteer. Community service is a blessing year-round, and is especially welcome during the holidays, when extra hands and attentive ears are greatly valued. Your local senior center, or any community group that caters to older adults, will be grateful for the time you devote to their members. Simply showing up and listening to seniors talk for an hour or two is quite a gift, magnified ten-fold if you’re able to visit someone who is house-bound
  • Send cyber greetings. In addition to sending snail-mail cards to your current reverse mortgage clients and prospects, consider sending e-cards to those prospects and clients who are cyber savvy. A number of sites offer an array of e-cards, both as a paid subscriber and at no cost. A few of the free sites we like include SpiritCard Center, span style=”font-family: Verdana;”>American Greetings (free 7-day trial), and 123 Greetings.
  • Host a party. A holiday open house is a delightful way to show appreciation for your reverse mortgage clients, potential clients, referral resources and friends. Make it festive (of course!) and hold it during daylight hours. As you’re doubtless aware, many seniors prefer not to drive after dark, especially in winter. If possible, see about arranging transport for those seniors who are physically able to attend, but have no way of getting to where the gathering will be held.
  • Collaborate and Co-create. A meeting of like minds can generate even more good ideas. Contact local CPAs, financial planners, tax advisors and other professionals who serve the senior market, and offer to hold an informal holiday Q&A about the HECM changes to educate their staff, clients, and associates. You can also spice up the discussion with sparkling apple cider and cookies. (Bonus points if you bake and bring your own holiday goodies!)
  • Reach out and Reconnect. A senior who received a reverse mortgage loan several years agomight be delighted to hear from you if it’s been awhile. Schedule a chat, in person or by phone, to see how they’re faring, and who else they may know that might benefit from the gift of a more secure financial future. The visit alone will be worth its weight in gold to the senior client you cared enough to contact.



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  1. But it is not just the December holidays. I worked at a company which had multiple owners. Most of the owners were Jewish and wanted to celebrate a holiday almost all clients celebrated so they sent out Thanksgiving cards including a season’s greeting message as part of the card.

    Since at the time so few companies did that, we always got compliments from our customers far more than our competitors. It took no more time and set us apart.

  2. Hi Amara, Happy Holidays to you and your family. Your article has a lot of good and useful information in it, as usual.

    I’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to send various greeting cards to my clients and prospects. I’m not going anywhere over the Holidays, so I will take some time and experiment with the greeting cards.

    I really enjoy all your articles, as they contain a lot of useful information that I can put to good use with my reverse mortgage business.

  3. Hi Owen,

    It is a privilege and a joy to be of service to readers as appreciative as you. I’m honored that you find these posts so helpful for your business; that is the goal.

    Happiest Holidays to you and yours!

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