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The Value of Routine


Tweaking & Improving Our Daily Routines

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The Value Of Routine As A Reverse Mortgage Professional

Routine. Perhaps not the most exciting word in the english language but essential in continued productivity. As our personal and professional demands increase requiring more of us it is wise to revisit the necessity and improvement of our daily routines. If you live to the age of 68 you have 25,000 in which to establish your daily routines and habits. With this finite number in mind let’s look at a few ways we can improve, tweak and commit to an effective daily routine for increased productivity and personal satisfaction. #1- Manage energy, not time. Typically morning are when our body and minds are operating at maximum efficiency. Knowing this schedule tasks that require creativity and intense focus in the morning hours. #2 Plan the night before. Turn off the TV and take a moment to review the next day’s agenda. Also pack your lunch. Preparing your lunch allows you to include more healthful selections versus running to the nearest convenience store or restaurant. #3- Get to bed & wakeup earlier. Those extra 15 minutes can avoid a frantic race out the door keeping you in a positive state of mind.

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Editor in Chief:
As a prominent commentator and Editor in Chief at, Shannon Hicks has played a pivotal role in reshaping the conversation around reverse mortgages. His unique perspectives and deep understanding of the industry have not only educated countless readers but has also contributed to introducing practical strategies utilizing housing wealth with a reverse mortgage.
Shannon’s journey into the world of reverse mortgages began in 2002 as an originator and his prior work in the financial services industry. Shannon has been covering reverse mortgage news stories since 2008 when he launched the podcast HECMWorld Weekly. Later, in 2010 he began producing the weekly video series The Industry Leader Update and Friday’s Food for Thought.
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  1. My routine is making sure I listen and react to tips from Shannon Hicks. Lots of hidden nuggets in many of the pieces. Many thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Bill. I’m blushing. I appreciate learning from you and other fellow originators as well. Cheers!

  2. Shannon,

    I applaud you, job well done. I think the moral of your story is make a plan and work your plan with out fail.

    Routine is part of life, we make it a productive routine or a routine that is boring and non-productive when it is all said and done.

    I hope many watched your video, you make sense, you are to the point and you get the message across in les than 4 minutes. Good man Shannon, make it a great weekend.

    John A. Smaldone

    • John,

      Once again you are right on point. Well said.

      • Cynic,

        Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate you.

        John A. Smaldone

  3. Thanks for the reminder. It’s easy to get distracted and off track. Having a plan keeps us headed in the right direction.

  4. Practical tips is what separates Reverse Focus from other sales support groups.

    Have a great weekend, Shannon.

    • Cynic,

      Much appreciated to hear that. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hey Shannon,

    Great video. People really can make their lives work better!

    One of my routines is going to the grocery store at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday. The place is empty and everyone there is fresh and smiling. I blast through, get everything I need, and get out. I start the day being productive, and don’t have to go in when it’s insane later.

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