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How to Motivate Others


Simple Ways to Motivate Others to Take Action
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Motivation In The Reverse Mortgage Business

Motivation: the reason or force behind someone acting a particular way or taking action. We are not only in the reverse mortgage business. We are in the influence business. Now to motivate others doesn’t mean you have to be another Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar. YOU, Yes YOU can begin motivating others using these simple strategies with potential borrowers, colleagues and others. Here we go! #1- Listen. Avoid talking nonstop and listen. Motivation is internal thus you need to allow them to begin speaking openly as out of the heart the mouth speaks. In other words, the more you listen, the more you will uncover their dreams, goals and challenges. #2- Avoid Yes/No Questions. Learn the art of asking open-ended questions. Here are a few….”Why would you want to pay off your mortgage?” “What would it feel like to no longer have to make mortgage payments in your retirement years?” OR “ How does your retirement today compare to what you originally wanted?”. These questions remind individuals of their hopes, dreams and aspirations. As they speak they will begin to make an unconscious connection between a reverse mortgage and…

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  1. Brilliant piece Shannon, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Shannon
    Great ideas….I think many people have a fear of outliving their money and getting them to focus on what lies ahead and how a reverse can be part of the solution is the direction we need to focus on

  3. Great reminders!!!

  4. Thank you all for your kind words! We strive to bring continued value to you are loyal viewers.

  5. Great vid

  6. Shannon, this was concise and easy to follow. Thanks for a quick breakdown of good stuff.

  7. As always, Shannon, more words of wisdom. I continually hear about loan officers who “do” reverse mortgages. I think those of us who truly care about our seniors and our profession think of it as so much more than that. Using your suggestions in this video we can better serve our borrowers and continue to raise the bar.

  8. Excellent explanation of what we should all be doing. Listening to potential borrowers to find their needs and goals trumps lengthly explanations of why they should consider a reverse mortgage. Our responses should be tairlored to their needs and goals. If there is not a fit, we should recognize that this may not be a good decision for them.

  9. Fantastic and meaningful advice…words of wisdom that will not only help us engage with our clients, but help our clients engage themselves into rethinking retirement as it relates to RM! These tips are ones that we can really put into action! Thank you!

  10. Great piece, Thank you for the suggestions, will absolutely put this approach into my conversations. So true, they have “earned” the opportunity to reward themselves with a Reverse.

  11. I’ll be sharing this with everyone I know no matter what business they are in. As usual, great work.

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