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Digging Up Seeds



Preventing doubt from robbing our harvest

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Succeeding In Reverse Mortgage Business

Digging up seeds. Instant gratification. It is what our society worships and seems to be built on. We can instantly download movies, purchase anything online and become grouchy if we wait more than a minute in a fast food drive through. Is the the “American Way”? Perhaps. Regardless this mindset is detrimental to succeeding in business. A farmer had purchased premium seeds for his fall crop. For a week he tilled the soil, watered and fertilized anticipating the harvest. Unfortunately he heard that bad weather was coming. Rather than prepare for the storm he became inpatient and dug up the seeds and…



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  1. Isn’t true that everything about our industry is slow? Anyone who has been in the business for more than three years and has had one-half of their leads turn into closings (unless they were just “closers”) is a miracle worker. Right now about half of all those who receive counseling close on HECMs.

    From processing, to underwriting, to closing, to endorsement, our industry runs at a slower pace.

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