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Worry No More…



Five Ways to Stop Worrying

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Reverse Mortgage Changes

If you haven’t experienced a single pain of worry in the last year with all of the recent & upcoming changes to the reverse mortgage…congratulations! You are in the one half of one percent. For the rest of us here are 5 excellent ways to stop worrying…


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  1. Thank You Budda

  2. Very timely for those of us in the HECM industry.

    Remember well what Henry Ford, one of our nations first industrial pioneers said:

    “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”—Henry Ford

  3. Worry is a natural reaction to situations beyond our perceived ability to control them. We have mental and physical damaging reactions to excessive and prolonged worry, among them, depression.

    Some gain energy and satisfaction by working on the problem; others are paralyzed with fear trying to do it.. Too many times when discussing things which trouble others go around and around the subject. For me it is far less worrisome to tackle the issue straight on than attempting to “putting it out of my mind..

    For example, a common myth in our industry is the main problem creating the large projected losses are the large group of defaults. Yet the loss situation is much bigger than that alone. The losses are much more wide spread. Reading the actuarial and auditors’ reports and understanding their perspective on the issues provides perspective on the issues. What is amazing is the stories people make up to explain the problem when it is clear they do not understand the underlying issues.

    Sometimes it can calm fear and relieve worry by staying up to date and see what is going on. It can also add frustration and more worry, however. Finding a way to deal with worry is a very necessary part of life. It is also an important habit to develop and maintain in what is too many turbulent times ahead.

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