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The Ugly Side of Retirement


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The Dire Consequences of Retirees Ignoring a Reverse Mortgage
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Reverse Mortgage For Retirement

There’s an ugly side for many retirees who choose not to use a reverse mortgage out of fear or ignorance. Those who qualify and yet close the door to utilizing a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage may find themselves impoverished. Retirement preparedness in America is in shambles. Less than helf of all households will be able to maintain their standard of living in retirement according to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. The worst thing these unprepared individuals can do is to take viable options off the table…


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  1. Very well done video and messaging that needs to be communicated to each and every professional working within the senior community or with those planning a retirement. Education is the key.

    • Rebecca,

      Thank you. And thanks for spreading the word on this important issue!

  2. Shannon, I agree as I explain reverse I often say this is the cheapest way for OUR government to hep seniors make it during the retirement years. I can not give you an less expensive way for our government to help seniors cause there isn’t one!


  4. Well said and totally on point. The reverse is still such an underutilized product.

  5. Truth be told, Reverse mortgages help far more people than are harmed by them. So why so much negative publicity? Because American’s are protective of their financial privacy and to proud to have someone else judge them for making a decision that may be fronded upon by the media or poorly educated “experts”. Education of the public and success stories are the only way to turn the tide on the mis-information that surrounds reverse mortgages.

  6. Great video and sound advice. Everyday I meet with seniors who have outlived their income.

  7. Good video. We hear so often of those that are unprepared or that have suffered financial setbacks and have become financially crippled. The Golden Years…a Reverse Mortgage can help.

  8. Thanks for a very well done video. There are a lot of seniors who could have more comfortable lives if they would just open their minds to understanding how this program works.
    I live amongst a lot of cash poor equity rich seniors but
    there is a lot of reluctance on their part to move forward with a HECM.
    My wish is the policy makers stop making all these changes
    resulting in less $ the seniors can access! Leave the program

  9. Very nice video explanation and great solution for our baby boomer!

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