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Retirement Planning? Employees On Their Own


Last month, we discussed how the HECM for Purchase (H4P) can be a boon for seniors seeking to create a quality lifestyle in retirement. Now The Street confirms what those close to retirement age already know: when it comes to retirement planning, older workers are under funded. Which makes a reverse mortgage an attractive option.

Reverse Mortgage Benefits

According to a study by Financial Finesse, a personal finance services firm, “There has been a major paradigm shift in how employees view their benefits and their employers’ roles in helping them achieve their financial goals. We’re seeing that employees, on a mass scale, are proactively taking responsibility for their finances at levels not seen before.”

Yet even as they become better custodians of their financial future and focus on building a retirement nest egg, the majority of employees are still coming up short, the study finds.

What are their choices to correct this bleak picture? While many seniors are opting to postpone their retirement, or return to the workforce in a post-retirement position, others are considering relocating to a more affordable locale, or simply staying put and tightening their belts.

What many don’t consider, either from lack of knowledge or misconceptions, is a reverse mortgage. As summer heats up and seniors spend more time enjoying local events, it might be an ideal time to lead an informal discussion at your local senior center or library adult education series about how to maximize retirement options — including exploring how home equity can turn into essential retirement dollars.


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