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The Rule of Three



Maximizing our time outside of work
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Do you ever ask yourself where did my day go? Or Saying “I am just sooooo busy! Or… how do I get out of the rut I am in and better utilize my day? Many of us do. When it comes down to how we spend our day it boils down to two things: planning and choices. Planning ahead on our calendar for the commitments we have and making choices how we spend our down time.

Here’s how I use the rule of three in my planning. First I get a piece of paper and divide it into three sections. Sleep, Work and Things I Do.


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  1. Great admonition!

    If we all valued our time like money, we would probably do a much better job of accounting for it and also in analyzing where we are overspending it on less valued activities. Having worked in an environment where clients generally were billed based on time spent on their accounts, often hours billed were questioned by either clients or those responsible for billing. We then had to provide more detail to justify that time or a portion of the fees would have to be written off.

    Back then watching the clock to ensure proper allocation of time was an important part of the workday, BUT off the clock time was a different story.

    It has been said by many that a few times each year, we should keep reasonably accurate records on how we spend all of our time for a week and then compare that to how we want to spend it. Doing that helps to re-prioritize how we spend our time and knowing that this type of accounting is coming will in some measure govern how we actually spend it.

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