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A New Approach with Potential Borrowers
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Reverse Mortgage Sales

From Reverse Mortgage Sales To Reverse Mortgage Service

In the reverse mortgage industry, we are in the business of selling and we should never feel ashamed of that. What is selling? One of my favorite definitions of selling is this. “Selling is aligning your product with what your customer thinks and needs”. While we need to be skilled communicators there is a time to take a step back from ‘selling’ and reexamine our approach. From a sales approach to one of being a resource and problem solver. It’s a powerful combination when you combine your customer’s needs with your sincere desire to meet those needs.


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    • Thank you Cliff. It’s a good reminder for all of us indeed.

  2. Shannon, Do you know of someone that has a great decision tree that they would share?

  3. I have employed the “Counselor Selling” approach through my 28years in Mortgage Lending, whether it be reverse or forward lending. My major in college was Psych and what better way to use it?! Also, I try to employ the “2 ears and 1 mouth” approach – I can then focus on the clients concerns/wants and avoid giving them lots of unneeded (in their opinion) information.

    • Mr. Koebel,

      Is using psychological techniques and a selective information style what HECM industry leaders mean by “education?” If so, where is the legally binding fiduciary standard which is now the minimum standard on those who either must register or be licensed through the NMLS to put the interests of mortgagors before those of registrants, licensees, or mortgagees?

      In that vein, your comment is both enlightening and interesting.

  4. Great presentation.

  5. Good reminders, Shannon, good stuff. I too would be interested in a great decision tree chart if there’s a good one available.

  6. Great presentation. I too would be interested in a great decision tree chart if available. Thanks for your continued service.

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