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Security One Releases Financial Adviser Portal



Security One Lending Releases Financial Adviser Portal to be an educational portal for Retirement Planning Professionals

San Diego, Calif., June 3, 2013—Security One Lending (S1L), a division of Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (RMS) announced today that it has built and released an educational portal that allows Financial Advisors to determine whether a Reverse Mortgage, coupled with other asset management/investment strategies, solves one of the biggest retirement risks…outliving one’s assets. The term “Funding Longevity” best describes this risk during the distribution phase (versus asset accumulation phase) that concern many retirees today.

Reverse Mortgage SolutionsThe simplicity of this site will allow S1L’s Loan Originators to effectively bring value to the Financial Planning/Advising community. S1L has been very active in the Financial Planners of America, (FPA) national and local chapters in educating the value a Libor-Based HECM Saver can bring their clientele. Tremendous progress has been made to date, and S1L believes this channel of production will play a role in expanding the Reverse Mortgage Industry.

“Our sales force is made up of some of the best professionals in the industry, all of whom are committed to the financial well-being of the senior homeowner,” said Torrey Larsen, EVP and President of Retail Lending of RMS/S1L. “To that end, S1L has established a formal “business incubator” that has been designed to perfect the most important growth initiatives for the industry. Within this division of the firm, the best ideas are prioritized for execution. From that point, the testing and development phases begin while working hand in glove with the impacted industry leadership groups for quick business execution. The Financial Advisor/Planner component represents one of four current projects managed within the incubator leadership team. We will leverage the team’s collective knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible service to our referral partners and their customers.”

Unlike other reverse mortgage lenders, S1L does not rely solely on leveraging the existing RM market, but, rather, looks to the future of the industry and builds new value propositions for delivery to its Origination force.

“Our customers (Originators) can rest assured that we are building a variety of business channels and initiatives that will move the needle for the retail business and secure relationships that have been difficult to reach during the past five years. RMS is very excited about these growth opportunities and the thoughtful process we have engaged to do it the right way”, stated Mike Kent, EVP and President of RMS’ Origination Business.

About Security One

Security One Lending is the Retail Lending division of Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. RMS, which is owned by Walter Investment Management Corp., operates a coast-to-coast, origination, servicing and issuing business.

For more information on Security One Lending, visit for more information about RMS, visit

About Walter Investment Management Corp.

Walter Investment Management Corp. is an asset manager, mortgage servicer and origination focused on finding solutions for consumers and credit owners. Based in Tampa, Fla, the Company has over 4800 employees and services a diverse loan portfolio. For more information about Walter Investment Management Corp., please visit the Company’s website at


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