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How to benefit from Criticism
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Handling Criticism As A Reverse Mortgage Professional

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Criticism. For most it triggers an unconscious shiver. But is criticism really that bad? Not really. Sure there are those who are destructive, mean spirited or demeaning in their criticism but we shouldn’t throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Here are some points to ponder about criticism from your co-workers, clients, friends or your spouse. #1- It shows caring. Apathy is defined…


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  1. No criticism needed for this blog. Having been in the public sector for over 55 years, I have certainly had my share of critiques. IN the early years, I was adamant in my stance and often refused to acknowledge others opinions, but as I have gotten smarter, I now take them, write them down and make a conscious effort to enact the suggested change. Through elimination or addition. If after
    30,45 and 60 days of trying something new, results are the same or worse I tend to go back to my own decisions.
    The use of technology is one arena that I have embraced change for my benefit, and will continue to do so.

  2. Many view being a critic as being negative or looking for faults. As a critic one is looking at what that person views as the best and questioning deviations from that standard. At times the result can seem unkind or uncaring and many times it is as to the object being criticized.

    Too many take true criticisms as personal attacks but they are not. Criticism which is a personal attack is not nothing more than using a flaw as a basis to launch a personal attack, a worthless endeavor. But far too many do not know or see the difference.

    I came up in an industry where every single item produced was reviewed by at least three others. One reviewed in detail and the other two reviewed it as to contents and how it fit in with the whole. If one was sensitive to personal criticism, that person was outraged and enraged within a few weeks. All but a few of those folks left within a few months at most.

    Going beyond mere satisfaction to obtaining the highest goals in one’s profession requires going beyond enduring criticism to embracing it.

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