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How to Work Better – Seven Tips



Seven steps to a better workday

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Reverse Mortgage Business Tips

Reverse Mortgage Business Tips For A Better Workday

Here we sit at our desk on Friday and may find ourselves wondering ‘ how am I going to get this all done?’ Don’t worry you’re not alone. That’s a question that often enters my mind. Want to feel good about the weekend before you leave the office today? Do you want to milk every ounce of efficiency from your time at the office?

If your answer is yes here are seven ways to work better as a reverse mortgage professional.

  1. Focus
  2. Eliminate distractions
  3. Get in the ‘zone’
  4. Eliminate clutter
  5. Get moving
  6. Set clear goals & track them
  7. Travel light



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  1. hire a taxi to drop you off at a local suds shop,,local bar,,, meet new people,,, it will let your mind relax,,,depends on the amount of drinks how much it relaxes ,,,listen to other peoples troubles and see how lucky you are…

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