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When It’s OK to be a Copycat


The Value of Mirroing Successful Individuals

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We’ve been encouraged since childhood to make our own path, and not worry about what others are doing…basically don’t be a copy cat. But there are times when mimicking the actions of another is a good thing. Let me explain. Years ago I met a national sales executive who kept a crushing schedule full of meetings, calls, client meetings and yet still had time for family and relaxation. I was intrigued. What I learned was to be successful it is wise to copy the good habits and actions of those who are already achieving success. I also learned it is better to learn from their mistakes…


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  1. Those are great tips to remember. As humans, it’s so easy to fall into the trap needing to fail ourselves to learn.

    I especially agree with the idea of life-long learning, and continuous improvement. I have learned from others the value of social media as a tool for learning, AND for sharing and helping others.

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