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How to Overcome Adversity



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Overcoming Adversity In The Reverse Mortgage Industry

In the last few years we have faced the hardships in the reverse mortgage industry like falling home values, reduced principal limits and the elimination of the standard fixed rate product. That leaves us with two choices. Change your situation or adapt to present circumstances. If you’ve chosen the later what’s the process to both endure and overcome? Well there is no one system that works for everyone but there are some ways we can make the journey less bumpy. #1- Perception.



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  1. i always look forward to your comments on Fridays. i appreciate your positive attitude, and clear concise suggestions on how to improve and deal with issues. Thanks for your help.

    Bill Mathews
    Benton Ar

    • Thank you Bill. We are all in this together and our shared perspective shapes our destiny. Have a great weekend!

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