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Keeping Your Website Fresh


At Reverse Focus, we recognize the importance of keeping your website fresh. Our website template offers an incredible option for any originators who need a web presence. If you don’t have a website, be sure to check out this option – you have a great-looking, custom website online within an hour. See how here.

New Headers

Custom Reverse Morgage Lending Website

For our Members who do have a Reverse Focus website, we’ve added 3 new options to the header images you can choose from. Remember, you can check as many of the header images as you’d like and your website will display a different one of your choices each time someone comes to the home page.

Social Media Options

Custom Reverse Morgage Lending Website

If you have social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter or Linked In), we have an option to include links to your accounts as well. Just go to the Social Media section in your Manage area, check the options you want to display and add the link to your page/account. Make sure to test the link on you site to make sure it was entered correctly.


Custom Reverse Morgage Lending Website

One final reminder is that we have a section where you can enter your NMLS# as well as indicate any accreditations you have to display these on your site (BBB, Equal Housing, NRMLA, etc).

I hope this helps you in your efforts to keep your website fresh and up to date!



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  1. I would like to have a website that is focused on Realtors & Builders,with an interactive ability to view who click on-If that is possible, count me in.

    • Ed,

      You can find detailed information about the system here to see if it fits your goals.The site is primarily for consumers but we have a section for advisors and the HECM for Purchase program as well.

  2. Is there any way of differentiating our web site from others that also select the website template? I was told that my website is not showing up on any Search Engines since it is a website template and that since the content, for the most part, is exactly the same for all users that utilize the template the Search Engines are not recognizing the template websites since the content is duplicated by everyone using it. Any suggestions on keeping the website truly fresh and up to date and different than other users using the same templates?

    • Carlos,

      Yes, you can most definitely make your site unique through the use of different color skins, logos, your photo and even adding custom pages. As far as search engines users can see improved search results for their region by entering in ‘keywords’ under their SEO tab in their site management page. Here is another strategy we published last week on increasing SEO results using Google Places. To keep your site truly fresh you will want to customize your home page greeting periodically and perhaps add additional pages. Search engines are just part of the equation in generating traffic to your site. We encourage our members to include their site’s web address on promotional materials, flyers and cards (subject to compliance of course). Hope this helps!

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