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Overcoming Negativity



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As an industry we have been pummeled with negative news, unexpected changes and worry. The key is not so much how NOT to be negative but HOW to be positive. It’s a practiced mental skill and muscle that must be flexed to grow. Here’s to not waiting for life’s circumstances to change but rather take the bull by the horns.

1. Letting go is not always quitting.



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  1. Excellent Post! The glass is always half full. Sage video message to start the New Year.

    • Thank you Rebecca! It is times like these that test our metal.

  2. Shannon,

    Another great food for thought. Overcoming negativity seems to be a frequently needed topic in our industry. Things seem to change radically in each half decade.

    The problem is positivity also needs to be overcome. Walking into reverse mortgage conference meetings in late 2006 and early 2007 had about the same overwhelming effect as what non-users of opium used to describe as the impact of walking into an opium den. We were happily being told that by the turn of the decade less than 20% of all reverse mortgages being originated nationwide would be HECMs.

    Most of the time, I hope to be realistic with an optimistic emphasis. Right now even that is hard to maintain.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend.

    • Jim,

      Thank you. There was some serious unwarranted optimism about a year and a half ago projecting endorsements to reach 100,000. Let’s hope for the return of the private market soon and less dependence on Uncle Sam.

  3. Excellent advice we should all take. Thanks!

  4. Excellent! I’m an optimistic person focus on the positive, replacing the negativity with optimistic thoughts. Thanks for sharing the encouragement.

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