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December 2012 Top 100 Retail Lenders

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2012 is over and what a year it was! Liberty Home Equity (formerly Genworth Financial) moved from #3 to the top spot while New Day & Associated Mortgage broke the top ten ranks this month. 2012 was a year of consolidation and the emergence of new players.


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  1. Over the last three months (the first quarter of fiscal year 2013), we have seen a firm hold onto the second position by Security One Lending (“S1L”) when looking at endorsements month by month. Year to date for fiscal 2013, S1L is now formally Number One for the industry by almost 24% over its nearest competitor, Liberty.

    On a calendar year 2012 basis over 39.9% of the S1L endorsement volume was generated in the last three months. The S1L endorsement volume for fiscal 2013 represents over one-eighth of all endorsements so far this fiscal year at just over 12,000 endorsements.

    With the acquisition of S1L by Walter Investment Management, it seems S1L is on the cusp of being able to not only maintain its strong presence in the marketplace but also to ramp up and support an even larger origination base.

    So far this fiscal year, S1L, One Reverse, and Liberty have all taken turns being the monthly total endorsement leader with S1L having the largest single month’s total volume at 636 endorsements (over 5% of the total volume for this fiscal year) for October 2012.

    There appears to be enough separation between the Big Six that we can begin to talk about groupings. S1L is by itself at number one with 1,534 endorsements. The next three are close enough together to be one group with Liberty at 1,239, One Reverse at 1,159, and AAG at 1,101.
    Then there is a huge drop in endorsements with Generation at 780 and Urban at 652. The next mortgagee is below 375.

    What is interesting is that none of the S1L numbers includes those of its pending sister corporation, RMS. Including RMS would push the S1L numbers up by about 10%.

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