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The One Question That Will Transform Your Work Life

Albert Einstein said “Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.” With that in mind we find ourselves overwhelmed at times which kills our productivity and leaves us asking ‘where do i begin?’. Which brings us to the one question that can transform your work life. Ready? Here it is: “What is the highest and most valuable activity I can be doing right now?”


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  1. Shannon,
    Great job, always love starting my day on Friday with your videos. Have a successful day.
    Dudley Dixon
    Independence Housing Group

  2. Shannon, as always right on point. Do you have a camera hidden in my home office. As November draws to a close excited to move into December. Lots to do and the perfect thought for the day to Move Forward in Reverse…..

    • Camera feed? LOL. Glad to be on the same wavelength. Here’s to (as you so eloquently say) “moving forward in reverse”. Salute.

  3. Shannon,

    Another great “Food for Thought.” HOWEVER, many of these are better suited for Monday than Friday.

    Of course, one can listen to this more than once.

    Thanks, Shannon and have a great weekend.

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