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Changing our attitude. What if it was as easy as ‘flipping a switch’?  There are many things that can affect our attitude. The presidential election (depends on what side you wanted to win), relationships, circumstances and more. Many have expressed to me their concern about future changes in our industry. Will the changes be tolerable? Will it decrease the pool of qualified reverse mortgage borrowers?, etc. etc. It can be tough if we become consumed with these things.


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  1. Shannon,
    My husband, Blair Nicholas, and I have been faithful fans of your encouraging memos. Again, you stand at the forefront to inspire those of us in the Reverse Mortgage industry. We are Seniors and enjoy working in the Senior community. At Senior Reverse Mortgage Services, Inc., (Texas) we have Norman Williams (Mortgage Broker/L.O., Owner/ Registered Financial Consultant) as our leader/encourager. Norm promotes RM education and sensible planning for Seniors through in-office visits and (free) community workshops. Helping the Senior learn how they can have cash reserves and emergency funds becomes a comfort to the homeowner. We are the educating connection for the homeowner and the Lender regarding the official RM program. At Senior Reverse Mortgage Services, Inc., we strive to provide truthful RM program/product information for a clearer understanding of what Reverse Mortgages can offer Seniors for their financial planning. The RM can be the bridge between taking Social Security too early or waiting until age 70 when they could qualify for a larger Social Security check! Planning ahead and using the Reverse Mortgage to financially bridge that economic gap can be a win-win for them!

    Mr. Williams advertises throughout Texas in all media utilizing live radio programming, Senior Guides, social media, and the response keeps increasing! The phones are ringing, Seniors continue to show great interest in having control of their money through the HUD/FHA Reverse Mortgage program. Closings are happy occasions.

    Our company thrives on teaching the Seniors and they are hugely receptive. They keep encouraging us! We enjoy teaching all aspects and TRUTH about the RM program, and that it might just be the answer to help the Senior homeowner financially. For widows and widowers, grieving the loss of their spouse and reality of surviving on a reduced income, we show them how the RM might be the answer to help them stay in the home they love.

    Whatever governmental changes may come in the Reverse Mortgage industry, we know it is better to keep a positive attitude. We all have to be flexible regarding change. Those of us in the Reverse Mortgage industry have done it before and can again. As long as there is a Reverse Mortgage product to help Seniors with their financial goals, we can provide hope to them as we help them attain their financial goals.

    Shannon, THANKS for all you do to keep us motivated to adjust to RM changes that may come and keep a POSITIVE attitude!

    Tanya Nicholas

    • Ms. Nicholas,

      I agree with much you have to say but where we disagree, we really disagree.

      Do not fool yourself or others. Please see my article refuting the ridiculous recommendation to replace Social Security benefits with HECM proceeds in order to increase Social Security benefits later, at:

      You and your team have obviously somehow reached the conclusion that the rewards substantially outweigh the risks in order to recommend the delay strategy. Please demonstrate how it is and then again why that strategy makes sense in light of the thousands of Social Security benefit elections, beneficiaries can choose from.

      While I stand behind the Standby HECM strategy as developed by Mr. Harold Evensky, CFP, I totally disagree with those advocating the use of a fixed rate HECM to create cash reserves. Who cares if seniors sleep better at night if they will stay up with even greater anxiety later on once they figure out the economics of using a fixed rate HECM just to create cash reserves.

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