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September 2012 Top 100 HECM Retail Lenders

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Genworth made the jump from third to first while AAG & Security One Lending remain strong in the top 10 moving one notch. RMS made a huge jump from 40 in August to break the top 25 at 23rd position. Overall endorsement volume remains down year over year but lenders are growing rapidly due to consolidation and we should see further increased endorsements as former MetLife loan officers pipelines move through to endorsements in the coming months.


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  2. In separating large surviving HECM lenders from smaller ones, the line seems to be those having total endorsements over 2,000 for the first nine months of this calendar year. That group includes Genworth, AAG, One Reverse, Urban, S1L, and Generation, referred to hereafter as the Big Six.

    The nine month total for this year compared to that of last year showed that Urban saw a small percentage loss and Generation, a loss of over 6% which was about average for the top 100 lenders at under 9% but much better than the industry as a whole at an over 25% loss. One Reverse had about a 9% increase but S1L and AAG each had about a 120% increase with Genworth topping out the Big Six at an over 150% increase.

    All in all the Big Six have had a great calendar year so far despite some overall losses in their ranks. Three of the Big Six have had an excellent year. Like the Big Six the other 94 lenders in the Top 100 have also had a mixed year.

    Of course the last three months have been the worst three months in at least six years. Based on the current inventory of applications with case numbers assigned, it does not look like the total endorsements for this calendar year will exceed 54,000 and could be a thousand or two thousand lower.

    Shannon did a great job with a video presentation posted earlier today as to why we may be seeing lower endorsement totals year after year for the last three years. There is strong indications that calendar 2013 will be worse.

    Congratulations to Genworth, S1L, and AAG for a great year so far. For the these three, the rest of the Big Six, as well as many of the other Top 100 Lenders, this will be the year of the lender.

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