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QR Codes: Beam Them Up!



QR Codes For Reverse Mortgage Marketing

Though QR codes may look like an alien language, the letters stand for “quick response”. The black-and-white line and dot patterning is an easy way of accessing information mobiley : put one of these on your reverse mortgage marketing materials, and interested prospects will be able to download the information the code contains into their smart phones. QR codes are a creative tool to help you capture potential customers’ attention at the most unlikely times and in the most unusual places.

Here are four savvy tips for using QR codes to enhance your reverse mortgage marketing efforts:

1) Catch people on the fly. There’s little more boring than waiting: for a subway, a bus, a train or a plane. One creative way to use QR codes: a flyer or poster showcasing a snug little home with the caption, “If you lived here you’d be home by now.” On the QR code, include mention of how reverse mortgage enables seniors to remain in their own homes, with your contact information and website.

2) Remove fear. Reverse mortgage is an “expertise information” industry; there’s a great deal a prospective client needs to know, but doesn’t necessarily know to ask. A QR code on a flyer, brochure, or any other marketing materials you display in a public place can provide seniors and other interested parties with enough information to feel comfortable taking the next step, and contacting you.

3) Show, don’t tell. You can use a QR code to create a compelling visual of the benefits of a reverse mortgage, such as a code composed of tiny images of houses. Make sure you test the code thoroughly to ensure it works properly!

4) Share and share a Like: Be a smart digital marketer: create a mobile-specific site or Facebook integration that encourages people to “like” your reverse mortgage company. People want to share what they like, and liking begets business.



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