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Interview with Sarah Hulbert of 1st Reverse Mortgage USA: Industry Image and Future

Reverse Mortgage Industry Image

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Reverse Mortgage Industry Image

Reverse Mortgage Industry Image & Market

Interview with Sarah Hulbert
As national sales manager for 1st Reverse Mortgage USA, Sarah has her ear to the ground for our industry. We discuss our industry’s reputation, marketing message, challenges and growth potential in the coming year. See Sarah’s comments and insight here.


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  1. Hi Shannon, If you can afford to go to the conventions. Boston? New Orleans? NY? How can anyone afford those places?

    I am a survivor so far. I am waiting for NRMLA to come to Phoenix, Of course it will be during the good months! I appreciate NRMLA’s commitment. I have heard they have lost revenue (obviously) to the major players out of the business.

    I am still out here closing loans that 1st Reverse and One Reverse could not. What happened to the comments on the CFPB? Or did I miss something?

    I think you are awesome. Thank you for your ongoing efforts also.

    Robin Faison, Sr. Vice President,
    Reverse Mortgage Group
    V.I.P. Mortgage Inc. Scottsdale, AZ

  2. As Co-Chair of NRMLA, Mrs. Hulbert brings a perspective of the industry few others can. Her grasp of industry production is down to earth.

    Looking at her comment, Mrs. Hulbert was predicting November 2014 as when we should begin experiencing higher endorsement numbers. That would say beginning in July 2013, we should be seeing higher case number assignments.

    For some her prediction seems about one year too early but at this point, Mrs. Hulbert could be right on point. A lot of how well our market recovers has a lot to do with how badly any downturn in Europe or China impacts us in the next year.

    Let us hope Mrs. Hulbert is right and we see a strong increase in endorsements by Spring 2014. Yes, it seems like fiscal 2013 could see endorsements below where we end up for fiscal 2012.

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