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When positive thinking doesn’t work


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Getting Real Results From Positive Thinking

Getting Real Results From Positive Thinking

The movie “Yes Man” shows the power of positive thinking humorously, but positive thinking in itself is not enough. Here are four ways to step out beyond positive thinking into practical and measurable results today.


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  1. Shannon,

    A cynic is someone who doubts the so called pure motives of others; it is not someone who is pessimistic but neither is it someone who is an optimist. The most optimistic and pessimistic people I have met were on drugs. Sometimes we all have to escape our circumstances but having a healthy grip on reality is fundamental to reaching reasonable goals.

    We have recently seen what all of the talk about getting back to 100,000 endorsements unintentionally (unintended consequences) can backfire into. During recent Congressional hearings some leading real estate educators warned Congress about the drain the recent rise in HECM endorsements could mean to the government. Yes, some actually believe the Pollyannaism some loud voices in our industry spread. The last few months have been like watching some people in our own industry load a .45 automatic pistol, aim it at the head of the industry, and beg our detractors to pull the trigger. It was the natural byproduct of trying to manufacture a Pollyanna outlook.

    While I would love to see the industry hit 100,000 endorsements this fiscal year (a practical impossibility), it is far more important to my company and my family for me to get that next lead into a borrower, if that is a good result for the senior.

    Yesterday a neighbor who cannot remember names stopped my wife from leaving home to ask her about a reverse mortgage. She is in her late eighties, has run out of money beyond needed basic essentials, has no mortgage, wants to leave the home free and clear for her daughter, but is confused about what to do. So while I am very opposed to some of the idiotic claims of huge endorsements next year, I now have a very clear goal and that is to get the daughter of my neighbor involved in a frank discussion of the needs of her mother. I have known the two of them for since the early 1950’s.

    So while I am not an “optimist” when it comes to 100,000 HECM endorsements in 2013, that does not in any way, shape, or form, mean I am against being engaged in helping the next senior out there who could really use a reverse mortgage. Beyond that, I am actively looking for seniors in need whom I can help. As to closings, June and July may be two of our best months in a long time.

    Here is not wishing everyone the best in finding new borrowers but in finding seniors who need our help and turning them into borrowers. Have an enjoyable weekend.

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