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The paralysis of analysis



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Belief In Reverse Mortgage Product

The Negative Effect Of Over-Analyzing

Don’t let doubt get in the way of your belief in the reverse mortgage product.
While our full time jobs relate to reverse mortgage lending, origination, management, etc, we may have fallen into a very undesirable part-time job: Analyst.


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  1. Today Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase announced what some outspoken Congressmen have been describing as a financial disaster. When viewing it from the forecasted profitability of the bank unit where it occurred it is not worth discussing. It all depends on perspective.

    While the unit must take a deep and hard look at what went wrong, and the PR department must work on putting the best spin on it as possible, tellers still need to process bank transactions and mortgage loan officers must still meet with prospects and make loans.

    While the loss of MetLife will mean more loans for the biggest lenders in our industry, losses of this nature rarely result in significantly more originations for originators. That seems like a very unlikely outcome.

    From my own background, we saw Arthur Anderson and some medium size CPA firms like Laventhal and Horwath go under. The result was the other large firms picked up clients but partners kept about the same amount of business simply because the partners from the discontinued firms simply moved to and joined the surviving firms bringing their client base with them. When discontinued operations of this nature occurred in a market where the economy (and thus potential new clients) were “going south” (i.e. headed in decline), the average business per partner actually dropped.

    Sound familiar??

    My biggest concern is not what is happening at MetLife but rather in the short run how to capture some of the business disruption and confused customers. At our branch my wife is looking for more originators.

    How do you expect the loss of MetLife will impact you? Remember seniors still need our help and the senior population is growing daily. One day in the next few years (or less) we should see home values turn around. How are you preparing now to take advantage of that day?

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