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Close Calls: Yes to success



Reverse Mortgage Client Meetings Success

Are your reverse mortgage client meetings “close calls,” as in, closing the transaction? Or are they “close calls” — just missing the mark? Shannon Hicks spoke about the power of positive expectation in this video. Here’s more about how you can say “yes” to success:

Bless The Fear

Fools rush in; the rest of us tremble. Fear is normal. It’s even valuable, because it gives us something to push up against, which helps develop our mental muscles. This is positive resistance. Weight training for the mind. Fear itself is only a smoke screen: false evidence appearing real. You can defuse it with “affirmative action.”

When I launched my marketing communications business, every night before bed I’d look at my office (initially set up in a corner of the living room) and give it the thumbs-up sign. I did this for years. A simple, powerful, YES for success! I went to sleep in a positively expectant state of mind, and my business prospered.

Envision the joy your prospects will feel when their reverse mortgage loan is approved and their money worries fade. Every day, you’re ensuring that someone’s later years will be financially peaceful rather than stressful. That alone could help you segue from fear to faith.


I’ve also drawn inspiration from improvisational comedy. The core concepts of improv are: Begin with what is. Don’t manipulate the action, discover it. And never stop the action by saying “but” or “no”; instead say “yes, and” and add on to what’s come before. In this way we build a story, a business, a life.

When I wanted to start writing for health magazines, I began by authoring a piece about a fashion designer for a business magazine (Begin with what is.) After the article was published, I asked the editor, “Do you have other needs I could fill?” (Discover the action.) I learned they were planning to drop a certain column for lack of writers with good story ideas. The topic? Personal health. I became their primary contributor, and used these articles as a springboard to generate assignments in health magazines. (Yes, and…).

Start where you are as a reverse mortgage professional. If you feel fear, acknowledge it, bless it, and mentally give yourself the thumbs-up you deserve. Discover how you can best serve your clients. Remember to always say “yes, and” and build on what’s come before. Those “close calls” (completed reverse mortgages) are coming closer all the time.


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