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Staying Connected: The Health Connection



Senior Health & Fitness

Self-development is a hot topic these days, as is the idea of the mind/body connection: the health of the body affects the health of the mind, and vice versa. Even if they don’t aspire to swim the Florida straits or play football in their 60s (see Pressing the Reset Button/Part 1), an increasing number of older adults are focused on staying healthy and in good shape.

Senior Health, Senior Fitness

Fitness classes are one excellent way to maintain the all-important social connection often lacking once people retire — as well as a way to make new friends across the age spectrum. Instead of working out in front of the TV or alone on gym equipment (both of which are still preferable to being a couch potato, at any age!), older adults might consider joining an aerobics class, spin class, water workout, or other health class appropriate for their health and fitness level.

(When suggesting that your reverse mortgage prospects consider health clubs and classes, be sure to recommend that they check with their healthcare professional first to ensure whatever they’re planning will contribute to their health, rather than place any unnecessary strain on their body.)

Senior Mental Health, Emotional Health and Physical Well Being

Mental and emotional health is as important as physical well being, which is why classes of every stripe, from yoga to music to art history, can provide older adults welcome support. One venerable resource for elder education is the Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning, a full-fledged 50+ program within the University of San Francisco campus. Founded by Hanna and Alfred Fromm in 1976, the Institute attracted hundreds of interested students from the moment it opened its doors.

The classes have even created unexpected benefits: one accomplished 74-year-old, who held degrees in architecture, engineering, and educational psychology, felt listless after two hip replacements for arthritis. Discovering the Fromm Institute was like finding “a new path of hope, intellect and friendship,” he says. He began working with other arthritis patients, which led to a new career as a physical therapist. “The Fromm Institute helped me recharge my spiritual, emotional and intellectual batteries,” he says.

Whether it’s going back to school or enrolling at a local health club, finding the resources to help enhance elder health is another benefit reverse mortgage professionals can extend to those they serve.

In Part 3 we’ll look at how technology can help your reverse mortgage audience stay current and connected.


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  1. Excellent article on staying fit and active.To that end, I serve on the Board of Human Services Counsel- Volunteer Connections,which provides senior volunteers to local non profit organizations and I encourage my clients to join in volunteering so they can give back and stay connected to the community.

  2. Thank you, Ed! Yes, volunteering is another superb way for elders to share their accumulated experience and wisdom, and both maintain and create connections that make the golden years shine.

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