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Government Sponsored Reverse Ads?


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Reverse Mortgage Benefits

The Government And Reverse Mortgage Promotion
As government programs like Medicare & Medicaid are going broke, we present an examination uncovering why our government should be promoting reverse mortgages. See why it helps all involved by watching the video.


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  1. Yes, however there should be a comprehensive joint appeal to the public promoting Independence.

  2. I think Reverse Mortgages are the future and will increase. I have beend doing reverse mortgage for quite sometime now

    Anthony Logan NMLS# 345541

  3. You have a lot of good ideas but this is not one of them. Advertising and marketing is expensive but the profit margins will take care of that. I believe in free interprise. I don’t think the government should get more involved they will just screw it up. If we can’t convience any seniors in the benifits that this program provides them we need to get into another business.

  4. HECMs should remain an elective mortgage. Some have suggested that homeowners be forced to use home equity to pay for Medicare and other government programs through HECMs. If that occurred, the government would most likely take over our industry.

    Some are going to Congress to argue that this program saves millions in Medicare costs. One might as well be waving a red flag at a bull. Public service announcements initiated by the federal government would be the next step towards government takeover.

    Government takeover might sound like paranoia but that does not mean in this day and age when the current Administration is looking for any way to pay for their programs that HECMs are safe.

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