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Gratitude: The Key to A Rewarding Holiday Season


Being grateful is always in season, though never more so than now, when we celebrate the spirit of community during Thanksgiving.

As reverse mortgage professionals, there are numerous creative ways to gift your clients at Thanksgiving. Here are five ideas that show your reverse mortgage clients — indeed, all the mature adults with whom you come into contact — that you’re thankful for the privilege of serving them:

  • Volunteer. Community service is a blessing year-round, and especially welcome during the holidays, when extra hands and attentive ears are greatly valued. Your local senior center, or any community group that caters to older adults, will be grateful for the time you can devote to their members.
  • Send a greeting. Why get lost in the Christmas card avalanche? Endear yourself to people who may not receive much mail by sending Thanksgiving cards instead. In addition to sending greeting cards to your current clients and prospects, greeting cards can open a dialogue with people who’ve previously expressed interest in a reverse mortgage.
  • Throw a party. A holiday open house is a delightful way to show appreciation for your reverse mortgage clients, potential clients, referral resources and friends. Make it festive (of course!) and if possible, hold it during daylight hours, when many seniors prefer to drive — especially in winter.
  • Collaborate. Arrange meetings with your local CPAs, as well as financial and tax advisors who serve the senior market, to see whether a reverse mortgage could be a useful way for their more affluent clients to reduce their tax liability for 2012.
  • Reconnect. Contact existing clients to schedule a follow-up chat, in person or by phone, to see how they’re faring and who else they know that might benefit from the gift of more secure financial footing that a reverse mortgage can bring.

That’s the holiday spirit! Please pass the cranberry sauce …



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  1. “Collaborate”-how does one reduce their taxes in 2012 with a RM?

    • Ed,

      Thank you for making this point.

  2. It is very important for our industry to connect with CPAs and CFPs in particular. BUT as a real word of caution, this is one of THE busiest times of year for CPAs and CFPs. The best time of year to meet with most is between April 16th and late October.

    IF you feel comfortable with tax planning rules, then by all means discuss them. In very limited situations, a reverse mortgage MIGHT reduce some 2012 income tax liabilities BUT the cases are so few, the attempt without sufficient knowledge could do more harm than good. Remember you only get one chance at a good first impression.

    The best way to present yourself is in what you are best at. If that is discussing house rich but cash poor seniors, do that. Just understand you have limited your usefulness to them when you do. To them you have made the product a loan of last resort. If you want to draw them out, you need to provide ways the product can be used as a cash management tool.

    If you want to discuss immediate tax benefits of RMs (reverse mortgages), do so with the tax advisors of the borrowers for whom you have provided RMs. This is particularly true for those with proprietary RMs. If you know the tricks and how to present them you can be seen as a very useful individual.

    We overwork the phrase educate, educate, and then educate. In the CPA and CFP realm you do not need to provide education as much as continuing education credits. If you work with someone like Michael Banner, you will find CPAs and CFPs more willing to meet with you because you are not just another annoying salesperson but someone who will help them by meeting continuing education requirements through presenting a qualifying course. If you can get seen at the right firms, you may be able to extend that education to those you are trying to gain as well as their partners and employees. They will generally be very happy if you do not try to do it during their busy season.

  3. Reverse mortgage parties are a great idea. People like to know they are not the only ones who have made the same decision. It reinforces their good decision. Inexpensive entertainment always adds some fun.

    While you may have to work, an inexpensive meal is a great idea. This is a great time to remind your customers about referrals.

  4. Ed, James and The Critic,

    Thanks for faithfully reading and responding to our posts.

    I learn a great deal about the reverse mortgage industry from your sage counsel. Obviously blog posts need to be succinct, so your detailed comments are very illuminating for all readers.

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving ~


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