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Optimistic? Recap of Annual Meeting


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A recap of the annual meeting in Boston provided an optimistic mood of the state of the reverse mortgage industry.


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  1. you do not have a proper working link for this video


    please correct

    • I’m confused. We have several hundred views of the video on this page. What are you seeing in this page so we can troubleshoot?

  2. The Conventions have also been the site of much Pollyannaism as well. BUT there are many reasons to be both optimistic and skeptical.

    The biggest unknow is the housing market. In that regard it was surprising to read in a NRMLA release that HUD is estimating a 20% increase in endorsements. It would help if the assumptions upon which the HUD projection is based were presented as well.

    For now, I remain more skeptical (most would say cynical) and believe the industry as a whole will experience additional contracting although almost all lenders will expand. I am not so clear how individual originators will fare. No matter what this fiscal year will be a year of transition with the loss of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Financial Freedom.

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