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Personal Touch – Insights on Essential Reverse Mortgage Marketing Tools


Your marketing efforts are starting to pay off. You have converted some of your reverse mortgage leads into appointments.

How can increase your chance for success?

You CAN increase  your reverse mortgage fundings by learning how to relate and communicate to seniors, build trust, and successfully counter their common objections with your simple solutions. Ultimately, you will learn how to create your unique selling proposals.

Learn how to determine your unique selling proposition. On your way to developing your unique selling proposition, you will master these techniques:

  • Educating and presenting over the phone
  • Educating and presenting in the client’s home
  • Building trust
  • Relating to seniors
  • Countering common objections

We have found through years of experience just knowing the Reverse Mortgage Loan is a great fit for someone is not enough. Educating the potential client about the Reverse Mortgage loan is also not always enough. We as Reverse Mortgage Loan Originators need to actually be able to relate to the potential client. We need to understand where they are at and where they want to be. We need to understand what a fixed income really feels like and how this affects their retirement. These foundational principles are what we have used for years, and we know they will serve you well.

To get more resources on how to improve these skill sets, visit our special marketing section ‘The Closing Factor” on Reverse Fortunes.

Eric A. Hiatt


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