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Friday’s Food for Thought: Anxious or Auspicious?


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We have much to be anxious about: debt ceiling, HECM lending limits, home values & bank exits. There is much we can focus on negatively but it is imperative that we see the promise and opportunity ahead as this motivates our sales activity and efforts.

What’s Promising:

  • More seniors are in need than ever before
  • Home values while declining are near the bottom
  • Inflation will drive need for increased cash flow for seniors
  • Interest rates are low
  • Media is slowly embracing reverse mortgage as a viable planning tool.



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  1. Shannon,

    Some of us remain skeptical about things like home values for the next few years. For those who remain in the industry, the immediate opportunities should increase. The difficulty and opportunity will be in tapping into the opportunities completely abandoned by Wells and B of A.

    Have a great weekend.

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