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Baby Boomers will add pressure to Medicare & Social Security.
How you can provide solutions.

By: Sue Haviland, CRMP, CMI | Reverse Mortgage Success

You’ve seen it all over the news- it’s been on network and cable TV, in print and on the airwaves…The Baby Boomers are coming! Like we didn’t know about this wave that represents the largest generation our country has ever seen. Of course we all knew about it, you’ve heard me talk and write about this for the last couple of years. More importantly, I wrote about how we in the reverse mortgage industry can be proactive in spreading the word in anticipation of this wave.

Now they are here and we are reading and seeing stories about how they are going to put pressure on Social Security and Medicare. Yes, it’s true that many boomers have not saved enough for retirement. They are looking at working well into what would normally be their retirement years. Hidden in all this noise is a real opportunity just waiting for you. Capitalize on these breaking news stories by reaching out in your local community and positioning yourself as the calm voice in all this negativity and uproar. You ARE the solution. Never before has there been such a chance for us to tap into the stories that are making news and promote ourselves and what we do each and every day. Write articles; get interviewed on local TV and radio, offer seminars if this is one of your ongoing marketing strategies.  Use what is going on in the media to your benefit and offer some real answers to the challenges our seniors are facing. I know not everyone uses Social Media (but you should), but if you do, post a story or video. Use your blog to discuss the stories you have seen in the media. The seniors in your area are looking for answers. Step up and be the expert you know you are.

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