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Check for these 5 motivation blockers

downloadAre you blocked, stuck, or in a rut? Join the club! With honesty being the first step to making meaningful change in our lives admitting when we are stuck is wonderful! Okay, it’s a good start. Here are five reasons we can lack motivation. Our challenge is to identify which are blocking us and target them for a confrontation.

1. They only see the negative when something happens. Unmotivated individuals sap their own strength focusing only on the negative aspects in a given circumstance which blinds them to the potential upside or creative solutions to the problem.

2. They walk away from opportunities. Yes, believe it or not many today are actually turning their back on realistic opportunities that would increase  their success or wealth. The habit of saying no is toxic

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  1. Mike Johnson July 6, 2018 at 7:34 am - Reply

    Good stuff Shannon. I used to refer to anyone or anything that got in the way of the next sale being made as being “PART OF THE SALES PREVENTION TEAM”.

    Was it FHA or HUD? Was it the processor or underwriter? The new lower limits or higher interest rates? The negativity associated with Reverse, or people telling you that only those that are destitute get a reverse. Was it your manager or the comp plan you were on? Was it the receptionist not forwarding you any leads, or those in your office not caring about your business? Oh yes, let’s not forget, “they don’t give me any leads”!

    Frankly, maybe there is some truth to each of these common complaints among Reverse LO’s and many other types of sales professions. But, the reality is simple – successful people ignore all of this and just keep on track, doing those things that work well, and not focusing on what doesn’t work lately.

    Stay away from negative people. You become who you associate with. As ZIG ZIGLER, noted sales motivational speaker, “the way to be #1 in sales is simple! Just find out what works and do more of it than anyone else!” He said that to an audience of a few thousand in 1972 at my 1st IBM 100% Sales Club Meeting in Miami Beach. It’s still just as true today as it was then!

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