Do These Tips Really Work?

Shannon Hicks January 10, 2018 1

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Norcom has a business model that will fit YOUR business model…especially after HECM changes begin October 2nd.
About John Luddy: John has trained reverse mortgage professionals how to be successful when sitting face-to-face at the kitchen table with prospective HECM borrowers. Norcom is looking for qualified loan officer candidates. To learn more call 1-860-507-2582 or email John Luddy here

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  1. rmadviser January 12, 2018 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    I find your tips very basic. This does not mean they are wrong but I would expect better insights, like what type of marketing is working the best by region of the country. While RMI gets us HECM activity, it does not even pretend to tell us about marketing is working where. RMI does a good job for what it was created to be.

    Maybe that level of sophistication is proprietary but helping originators spend their money wisely is an extremely important aspect of working on a true “team.” It is hard to work for a sales manager who is competing in your own backyard. I know I would feel better with your organization if you did not originate (just a suggestion).

    I would expect that your company would want to see all of its originators creating more originations. Demonstrating even some proprietary practices would help us see the value of coming to your company.

    Again I enjoy reviewing the basics but would like to see more.

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