How to Get Your Edge Back

Shannon Hicks April 26, 2018 2

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Using Occam’s Razor to Troubleshoot Your Reverse Mortgage Hurdles

Critical thinking is key for HECM professionals to overcome common issues in their business. Occam’s Razor may be just the approach you’ve been looking for…
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  1. The_Cynic April 26, 2018 at 3:11 pm - Reply


    Great topic and well presented.

  2. Mike Johnson April 27, 2018 at 6:37 am - Reply

    Good stuff as always. LO’s need to practice 1) “WORK WITH the WILLING Marketing strategies” and 2) “KISS marketing- either “Keep It Simple Stupid” or “Keep It Short and Sweet”!

    I will never forget when I started with IBM and KISS was all over the walls. I had just come from sales training school for a month in Dallas and boy, did I learn a lot. My first potential customer, or prospect, was deluged with worthless info that I needed to unload or get off my chest. (DOES ANYONE DO THAT IN REVERSE?) All he wanted was a new IBM Selectric (the one with the ball) Typewriter in BLUE. He got a load of info he didn’t need. My manager came along and walking to the next call said, now let’s try just giving them what they want and explained KISS selling.

    Same thing happened when I sent my first sales
    letter. My second letter was one was one paragraph. I think OCCAM applies here too.
    Mike Johnson

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