10 Steps to Becoming a Linkedin Star

Shannon Hicks July 3, 2015 2

Strategies to Expand Your Influence

reverse mortgage newsIf you are not actively using the professional networking site Linkedin you are missing out..big time. Rather than sifting through political rants, cat videos and pictures of cute kids on other social platforms you can find valuable insights and posts from professionals in our industry.

Linkedin was launched in 2003 recruiting a team of seasoned social media experts and quickly gained support with capital investors. Since then Linkedin has grown exponentially with recent reports suggesting the site’s job platform could add a 2.7 trillion dollars to the global economy.

So knowing the value of this business networking platform lets look at 10 ways to become a star on Linkedin courtesy of Lewis Humphries recent article.

1. Import your email contacts. Look for your contacts in your personal and business email accounts. Export and then bring into your Linkedin account. You can now search for contacts already on Linkedin and invite those who are not to join and connect with you.

2. Update your profile. Keep your…

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