5 habits at home that hurt workplace productivity

Shannon Hicks April 19, 2018 1

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Here’s why what you do at home matters at work

Most American workers struggle to keep their home and work lives separate. Certainly there’s some validity to that point of view, yet the two are inexorably linked. How so? Consider that your bad habits at home may be setting you up for failure in the workplace? Here are a few examples and how we can change our habits at home to increase our success.

Lack of sleep
The vast majority of Americans suffer some level of sleep deprivation. Sadly this leads to a host of problems such as weight gain, health issues, poor focus, and depression. What can you do? First, if you use your phone as your alarm (sorry Alexa) set it across the room. This avoids the temptation to hit snooze. Also, understand that your sleep cycles are about 60-90 minutes long. This means every time you hit snooze and wake up 20 minutes later you are waking up mid-cycle which makes you feel groggy. Just as you schedule your activity at work try creating a regular time you go to bed. Your co-workers and family with thank you.

Skipping workouts
Many employers have realized that regular exercise results in increased work productivity and have chosen to…

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