Creating New Habits

Shannon Hicks March 1, 2018 2

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Secrets to successfully creating new habits

Habits? Our daily tendency or practices- especially ones that are hard to give up. Truth be told, our lives our shaped by our habits. The habits of what we eat, smoke or don’t smoke, our choice of language, and even our habitual thoughts. One of the best ways we can stop bad habits and create good ones is to track them.

Before you decide to drop or pick up a habit determine three things: what’s my motivation, how often will I do it, and is it achievable?

Motivation. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions then the road to failure to create a new habit is paved with the wrong motivations. I firmly believe that we as human beings only change when we want to. If we try to form new habits for the wrong reasons we will fail. Motivations grounded in a deeply-seated desire are more likely to help you succeed versus what we think we ‘should’ do. Motivation pushes you over the hill when your willpower runs out...

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  1. John A. Smaldone March 2, 2018 at 6:16 am - Reply


    All of what you just said is right on target. If 35% of the people in our industry listened to your presentation and followed your advise, we would more than double our production as an industry!

    More so today than ever, we all need to change, change our way of doing business and look at different markets to go after.

    To many good people who have been in our industry for a while are leaving. They feel the HECM is disappearing due to all the changes, on the contrary!

    Yes some of the changes hurt us, some helped us from an image standpoint. However, going by your presentation, if we can adapt to change, change our bad habits, we will be back on top again!

    Thanks Shannon for your Friday thought.

    John A. Smaldone

    • The_Cynic March 2, 2018 at 12:58 pm - Reply


      You tell us that good people leaving the industry “feel the HECM is disappearing due to all the changes…”

      Why proliferate this nonsense? We need to kill it with facts, not opinions. I frankly get sick of seeing people using their opinion in an attempt to overcome someone else’s.

      Rather than proliferating that lie, why not attack it with facts. People like myself love the endorsement numbers provided to us by HUD. They show what is really going on. The good people you are hearing this from are like frogs who are trying to determine what is happening in the outside world by discerning the sky they can see from the bottom of the wells they live in.

      For example, I am sure there are hundreds of originators who strongly believe that endorsements are worse than they were at the bottom of our three years of huge growing loss in endorsements, fiscal 2012. Yet last year alone the industry saw more endorsements than seen in fiscal 2012. Did you mention that to them?

      The less educated in the industry falsely claim that those who actually look at and speak up about endorsements are being negative. Unfortunately far too many of these folks are ignorant because they won’t do the homework.

      If fiscal 2018 is the concern of these “good people,” then someone needs to show them that
      historically it takes a period of months to recover from most changes HUD has made to the HECM.

      Even though I hate pointing it out, despite financial assessment, the endorsements from last fiscal year exceeded the endorsements in a fiscal year (fiscal 2012) when all we had was Savers and Standards including the notorious fixed rate Standard.

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